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Just Sermons

Sermons Messages

Just sermons is a subsidiary ministry of Lord of Hope Ministries International.

Thanks for taking the time to use the resources in our ministry. We value you and hope that you come again regularly. We are trying to add to the kingdom of God by reaching out and extending the hope of God to many.
Please consider partnering with Lord of Hope Ministries by praying and donating financially to our ministry. The resources will be used to Feed the Widows and Orphans, to pay rent on our ministry buildings, to develop our ministry infrastucture, purchase bibles, generate newsletters, Mail tracts, generate cassette tapes of sermons, CDs of sermons, support the posting of sermons on our websites, support the homeless, supporting Christian growth nationally and internationally. We are also trying to raise money to purchase or build a Church Building...
May God richly bless your life!
Pastors Roscoe and Revita De Chalus
Please write all tax deductible checks payable to the order of Lord of Hope Ministries and send all donations to the following address:
Lord Of Hope Ministries
P.O. Box 160
Streamwood, IL 60107-2906
For those of you who want to pay online please consider paying via PayPal. The link to PayPal is below.

Just Sermons POB 160 Streamwood, IL. 60103